Professional home page

I am a post-doc in number theory at Imperial College London. You can find information about my research on my professional web page (much more up-to-date than this page).


The most often updated thing on this website is my blog (although this is quite infrequently updated too now). I used to write about stuff that happened in my own life and reports on my trips abroad. I still sometimes write about bits of maths that interest me (mainly algebraic geometry and number theory). The best part of the blog is the series on abelian varieties, which now has its own series index.

Seminar at Orsay

I organised the Seminaire M2 d'AAG d'Orsay in 2010.


l-adic monodromy groups: I wrote my M2 thesis at Orsay on Groupes de monodromie l-adiques algébriques, based on a 1998 paper of Pink proving the minuscule weight conjecture for these groups.

Dirichlet's Theorem: I wrote a proof of Dirichlet's theorem, including more or less all the details of the analysis, because I could find no book that included details of all parts.

Probability and Measure: I wrote a draft set of notes for the Probability and Measure course in Part II of the Cambridge Maths Tripos. These are unlikely to ever be completed, since I am no longer an analyst.

2D rational linear equations: I have a simple Javascript tool to solve 2D linear equations with rational coefficients.


These days I rarely use a camera as it is an inconvenience and everyone else takes many photos. But here are past photos, mainly of trips abroad.

Computing projects

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