Professional home page

I am a post-doc in number theory at Imperial College London. You can find information about my research on my professional web page (much more up-to-date than this page).


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Seminar at Orsay

I organised the Seminaire M2 d'AAG d'Orsay in 2010.


l-adic monodromy groups: I wrote my M2 thesis at Orsay on Groupes de monodromie l-adiques algébriques, based on a 1998 paper of Pink proving the minuscule weight conjecture for these groups.

Dirichlet's Theorem: I wrote a proof of Dirichlet's theorem, including more or less all the details of the analysis, because I could find no book that included details of all parts.

Probability and Measure: I wrote a draft set of notes for the Probability and Measure course in Part II of the Cambridge Maths Tripos. These are unlikely to ever be completed, since I am no longer an analyst.

2D rational linear equations: I have a simple Javascript tool to solve 2D linear equations with rational coefficients.


These days I rarely use a camera as it is an inconvenience and everyone else takes many photos. But here are past photos, mainly of trips abroad.

Computing projects

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